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The Science
Behind Earthing

Improve blood circulation, inflamation & sleep
with Get Grounded’s earthing products.

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… for A World-Class Grounding Experience! Connect with the Earth for Improved Sleep, Enhanced Health, and a Better Life! Our connection and bond to our planet are essential to our health and wellbeing. As children, we ran and played and soaked up all the wonder and health benefits of nature. As adults living in a modern and fast-paced world, it can be difficult to maintain our tether to Mother Earth. At Get Grounded, we understand the necessity of staying grounded to our planet. We have created our revolutionary Earthing Sheets to keep you connected to the Earth, so you can reap countless health benefits whilst you sleep.

It is well documented through science that the Earth’s surface gives us an unlimited well of negatively charged free electrons that we can draw from simply by connecting to the earth around us. Each time our bodies are in contact with or close to the Earth’s surface, we absorb these free electrons. As they spread throughout our bodies, they neutralise all positively charged free radicals. In so doing, our body can maintain at zero volts – the same electrical potential as the Earth. In essence, the ground beneath our feet is a Fountain of Youth!



Grounding & Earthing Products


Better Sleep

Improve the overall quality of your sleep by using one of our quality earthing sheets.
Our sheets are scientifically proven to improve both the quality and pattern of your sleep, which in turn creates and happier and healthier you!

Increases heart rate variability

Your heart rate variability can be associated with better recovery, better emotional resilience, and overall well-being. Our grounding sheets improve your heart rate variability with a blissful nights sleep.

Better Blood Flow

Better blood flow is one of the many benefits of keeping yourself grounded.
Our earthing sheets will help your blood move around your body whilst you’re sleeping, thus improving recovery time from exercise and injury!

Increase In Energy

Arguably the best benefit of all; your mood will increase 10 fold, providing you with more time and energy to give to your friends, family and to the things you love doing most! We believe that being  happy and healthy go hand in hand, our earthing sheets go a long way towards both!

Our Bodies Need to be Close
to the Earth

Our bodies need to be close to the Earth to function at their prime, stay strong, and heal completely when needed. With more than 21 peer-reviewed research studies, the health benefits of earthing are real and well documented.

Health benefits and improvements that we obtain from connecting to the Earth include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Reduction in whole body inflammation
  • Pain elimination
  • Better mood
  • Heightened concentration
  • And much more!
Grounding & Earthing Products
Grounding & Earthing ProductsGrounding & Earthing Products

Modern Living Separates Us from the Earth Beneath Us

Unfortunately, as humankind has progressed over time, we have designed our lives in a way that often separates us from the earth beneath us.

We have created barriers that keep us from connecting to the planet, from our shoes to our beds, the foundations of our homes, and our ever-growing buildings that lift us into the sky and away from the Earth – we are losing our connection to the source of negatively charged electrons that keep us healthy.  Over time, as science has come to understand better our body’s crucial need to maintain a balance in our internal electoral charge, the necessity for “earthing” has become vital.

Science has also discovered that one of the best times for our body to ground with the Earth is during sleep. Earthing or grounding during our sleep cycle gives us access to hours of free electrons that help our bodies heal, reenergise, and rejuvenate.

Protection Against Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

Our scientifically engineered Premium Earthing Sheets are specifically designed to help you ground and connect with the Earth as you sleep.

These high-quality sheets will help your body maintain its natural circadian rhythm, which will deliver you superior sleep quality and enhanced health benefits.

Enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep as your body absorbs a constant flow of free electrons, bringing you an abundance of healthy and life-changing antioxidants each and every night.

To learn more about our superior and fine quality Premium Earthing Sheets, please visit our shop.



Grounding & Earthing Products