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About Get Grounded

Meet Our Founder, Michael Cason

Get Grounded is a UK based company, founded by myself, Michael. At Get Grounded, our passion is to share the discovery of earthing and the products created from it. I set up this company because of my personal experience with grounding and how beneficial it has been for me. Earthing has changed my life and drastically improved my ability to run, stay focused on tasks and provided me with sleep-filled nights.

All these improvements have led me to live a much happier life. My desire is to share these benefits with others and supply an affordable, excellent earthing sheet. This sheet will revolutionise people’s sleeping experience and help them to wake up feeling refreshed, well-rested and much more vibrant. My priority is to share the bountiful benefits of earthing with anyone and everyone; it is my goal to aid as many people in their sleep journey as possible.

I also have a great passion for nature and it plays a large role in my life. Earthing helps keep me connected to nature and allows me to appreciate all its wonders in a fantastic way. Being outdoors can calm the mind and relax the body, this is because you are reconnecting yourself with nature and its natural healing abilities. Grounding offers these same healing benefits but provides them in an easy to access, safe way. It’s safe to say, learning about Get Grounded and our amazing products can help change your life for the better.

Michael’s Fitness Journey So Far

Get Grounded was started simply because Michael had discovered Earthing and its many benefits. He wanted to share this amazing technology with as many people as possible. In order to do that he set up an online shop and offers these products at affordable prices.

Prior to finding the benefits of earthing, Michael would be the first to admit, he was unfit and although he tried to live a healthier lifestyle, struggled with recovery times after a workout.

He’s now running and achieving PBs regularly. He’s completed several marathons including one in Italy. That’s as well as working out at home, in the gym and doing fitness classes between 2 and 3 times a day!

His quality of life has dramatically increased. Fitter, healthier and happier. He puts that down to one thing – Earthing.

Follow his progress and see for yourself the difference Earthing really makes to our bodies.

A Passion for Health

At Get Grounded, we are passionate about nature, our planet, and helping others harness the many astonishing and wonderful benefits of earthing and sleeping while grounded.

As children and even adults, we love the feeling of the earth beneath our feet. The sensation of being physically connected to the planet gives us an almost immediate sense of energising rejuvenation and an overall thrill of happiness. Perhaps there was a time when we did not realise the science behind it, but we still knew intuitively that getting outside and feeling the earth against our skin made us feel better. Thank you for finding out more about Get Grounded.

About Get Grounded – Our Products

Our Get Grounded Premium Earthing Sheets make it possible for everyone to reconnect to the Earth. Made of superior quality material, these luxurious sheets help you achieve a relaxing night’s sleep and help you heal and re-energise throughout the night.

Not only does Get Ground specialise in providing an outstanding product that will enhance your life and improve your health, but we also pride ourselves on giving each customer outstanding support and care. We believe in our product, and we care about our customers!

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