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Everything You Need To Know About Earthing,
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Do you need to turn the switch on at the plug socket for Earthing products to conduct?

Please leave power off, the plug is designed only to connect to the earth point of the socket. The bottom two prongs are made of plastic and the plug socket does not need to be on.

Do earthing products interfere with electronics in the bed or close by?

No it doesn’t interfere with electronics at all. But may give a little tingle if your legs are on it while on your device. I measured the current running through me body without and laptop on and the reading was below 1 volt. When I have my legs on the sheet it drops below 0. When I turn my laptop on my lap without the sheet the reading goes to 42 volts. . I sleep very well with it and feel rejuvenated in the morning. In fact I need less sleep. 

Can the earthing sheets be covered by a cotton top sheet and still work?

Yes the sheet will still work fine, however it may be more affective sleeping directly on the sheet. If you wish to use your own bottom sheet, an earthing bed mat may be more suitable. 

Can I buy just the plug and lead? I have the earthing sheet but (I really don’t know how) I appear to have lost the lead and plug

If you purchased this from Get Grounded, yes we can replace the plug and lead for you

What is the best way to fit an earthing sheet to a king size bed?

The Get Grounded Earthing sheets have extra length so they can fit either way comfortably. Any contact with the earthing sheet will work for you, the extra length will enable you to have a great fit either way

Do you have to sleep naked to benefit from Earthing sheets?

You will be able to stay grounded with clothes and pyjamas on with materials such as cotton. The warmth from your body will strengthen the Earth connection. Either way you will feel the Earthing benefits with or without clothes

What size earthing sheet do I need for a double bed?

This Earthing sheet will fit all beds you can use this sheet width ways or length ways, there is extra length to fit many bed types

Is it a British company?

Yes we are based in the UK

Is the earthing sheet washable?

Yes, you should wash your sheet, it helps keep the silver conductive. Please wash your sheet with warm water, we recommend a mild detergent, if you need to iron your earthing sheet please use low heat.