Multipurpose Earthing Mat

At Get Grounded, we believe earthing is a revolutionary practice that allows you to reconnect with earth when you feel drained and overwhelmed by routine life and stress. That is why we are focused on creating professional grounding mats that enable you to keep the connection with the earth in the comfort of your own home while helping to promote excellent well-being and enhance life quality.

The earthing mat can help mimic the energy exchange and balance between earth and body, so you can relieve negative energy and recharge with positive energy for maximum benefits. Our grounding mat can help alleviate stress, relieve pain and inflammation, and may help promote excellent sleep quality, so you can enjoy more relaxation and calm while connecting to the ground.


Benefits of Earthing

Better Sleep

Improve the overall quality of your sleep by using one of our quality earthing sheets. Our sheets are scientifically proven to improve both the quality and pattern of your sleep, which in turn creates and happier and healthier you!

Steady Heart rate

Your heart rate variability can be associated with faster recovery after exercise, better emotional resilience, and your overall well-being. Our grounding sheets and mats will improve your heart rate variability and provide you with a blissful nights sleep.

Better Blood Flow

Better blood flow is one of the many benefits of keeping yourself grounded. Our earthing sheets will help your blood move around your body whilst you’re sleeping, thus improving recovery time from exercise and injury!

Increased Energy

Arguably the best benefit of all; More energy to give to your friends, family and to the things you love doing most! We believe that being happy and healthy go hand in hand, our products go a long way towards both!

Do Earthing Sheets Really Work?

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Grounding Mat

Connect with The Earth: With the Get Grounded earthing mat, you can connect with the earth and recharge with its beneficial energy in the comfort of your own home! This mat allows you to connect to the earth via a UK plug and remain grounded for maximum benefits.

Relaxing Effect: Grounding is believed to have amazing benefits over the body by replicating the feeling when you walk barefoot on the earth’s surface and neutralize the electric charge, and can help promote a state of relaxation, soothing and calm.

Amazing Benefits: Staying grounded with our earthing sheet can help to stimulate focus and attention, and may help alleviate stress and anguish. It can also help reduce inflammation and support overall health.

Sleep Better: By replicating the physical connectivity with the earth, our grounding sheet can help enhance sleep quality, so you can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep and wake up refreshed.

Multipurpose Use: The Get Grounded ground mat is designed with a special blend of materials, which are soft and skin-friendly. This mat is ideal as a foot pad or mouse pad, allowing earthing while you work at the office.

1 Get Grounded Multipurpose Earthing Mat – 25 x 68cm
1 Premium Earthing Connection Cord – 5m (16ft) 

Earthing Mat Materials:

All Get Grounded products are created from 100% ethically sourced materials – cotton lined with fine & pure silver threads that form a grid pattern throughout the sheets. We use fine quality silver as it has unique conductive properties and provides a superior grounding effect.

How to care for your Earthing Products

Care and Washing Instructions:

Taking proper care of your Get Grounded Multipurpose Earthing Mat will ensure that you enjoy them for years to come and that their health benefits are optimised. Appropriate washing of your sheets will maintain their conductivity and ensure that you sleep soundly while receiving all the amazing health benefits that grounding provides you.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts when laundering your Get Grounded Earthing Mat:

● Use a washing machine
● Use warm water (40 degrees C/105 degrees F)
● Use only liquid detergent
● Line dry when possible
● If using a dryer, use only low heat (less than 65 degrees C/150 degrees F)
● For ironing, use only low heat

● Never use bleach
● Never use fabric softeners
● Never use any whitening agents or detergents with oils, such as coconut or lavender
● Never use dryer sheets
● Never dry clean

Note: Lotions, bleaches, fabric softeners, and oil will tarnish silver and destroy its conductivity.
If you oil or lotion your body, please do so at least an hour before use

RRP £45

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