Get Grounded stands behind their products and offers all customers a 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

At Get Grounded, we are so confident that you will love our Premium Earthing Sheet that we provide a full 30-day, no risk, money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Our return policy is simple and straightforward. If you are not completed thrilled with our products within 30 days of receiving it, you can return your Get Grounded Premium Sheet to us. There will be no questions asked. All you need to tell us is that you were not pleased with our product, and we will issue you a full refund. It is that easy! All we ask is for you to pay the return shipping fees.

To finalize your return, we request that you provide an email receipt or another proof of purchase. Once you have provided the proof of purchase, contact us to request a return shipping label that you will attach to your return package. Please wait for the return label before returning your product. Returns are not sent to our office address.

When we have confirmation that your return is on the way, we will fully refund you the purchase cost within 14 days. Your refund will be returned to the original payment method (credit or debit card) you used to make your purchase.

If you need help with a refund, an exchange, help with tracking your package, or if you require any other assistance or have questions, we are here to help. Please email our team with your request at