Earthing Benefits – Combatting Desk Fatigue

Earthing Benefits – Combatting Desk Fatigue

Feeling exhausted while at your desk every day? Maybe you’re finding your concentration fading as the minutes tick by? Back pain? Leg pain? Desk fatigue is real and it’s a growing problem with many of us not only spending long days in the office but now working from home in makeshift offices, often using incorrect equipment, exasperating the problem and proving detrimental to your productivity. Luckily there are simple ways to combat the issue. We take a look at various solutions including the benefits of earthing – combatting desk fatigue.

What Is Desk Fatigue?

Desk fatigue is a whole new level of tiredness. It’s exhausting, often painful and reduces your productivity on a huge scale. Not only do the almost guaranteed aches and pains grind you down throughout the day, but the eye strain alone can also leave you feeling frustrated and make your eyes impossible to stop wandering away from the task.

What Causes Desk Fatigue?

Whether you have a sitting or standing desk the fatigue can set in and hit hard. Issues with sitting desk are likely to be caused by your sitting position while standing desk fatigue is likely to be caused by hard flooring or ill-fitting footwear and in both cases, poor desk space set up. Add these to what is essentially a sedentary daily working routine and lack of stretching and you’ll find yourself exhausted, stressed and frustrated with your workload. Motivation leaves the building and productivity along with it.

Main causes of desk fatigue:

  • Light Deprivation
  • Movement Deprivation
  • Technology overload
  • Artificial airflow
  • Exposure to EMFs (Electric and magnetic fields)

How Can I Combat Desk Fatigue?

A great way to prevent desk fatigue caused by either standing or sitting desks is to able to mix the two working styles throughout the day. A high desk with the addition of a stool, high chair or a perching stool can help as you’re able to regularly change position as you need to without having to leave your workspace. If you take this option it’s important to ensure that your monitor can be easily repositioned so that in both instances it’s directly in your eye-line.

If changing your desk arrangement entirely isn’t possible, not all is lost. There are plenty of ways you can combat desk fatigue easily with either small changes to your routine or the addition of products designed to fight fatigue.

Move Around

Get up and move around at least once per hour. Good ways to fit moving around into your working day without losing productivity include;

  • Bathroom breaks
  • In person conversations rather than email
  • Simple stretching
  • Finding an outward facing window to get a sense of time and weather
  • Updating communication boards
  • Refilling water bottles

Take An Actual Lunch Break

Eating an unimpressive sandwich at your desk thinking it’s increasing your productivity? Stop! It’s actually having the opposite effect. Instead, step away from that screen and get a change of scenery. Bonus points if you go outside.


While it won’t offset the sitting at the desk it will help. It’s important to fit some form of exercise into your daily routine, even if it’s just a short walk during your lunch break or on the way home.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These soft mats have been said to reduce leg fatigue when standing for long periods such as at a standing desk. Although better than standing directly on a hard floor their effectiveness isn’t proven to completely reduce desk fatigue.

Earthing Mats

By using an earthing mat you can combat many of the causes of desk fatigue including EMF exposure. As well as the regular benefits of earthing in general, when used in an office setting these grounding mats fight off EMFs and instead connect you to the earth’s healing free radicals. Whilst reading about the earthing benefits, find our earthing mats here

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Earthing Benefits – Get Grounded Earthing Products

Earthing Benefits Combatting Desk Fatigue

To re-cap the earthing benefits;

  • Decreased inflammation and chronic pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved blood flow and blood pressure
  • Lowered stress and anxiety
  • Accelerated healing of wounds and injury
  • Relieved muscle tension
  • Relieved headache
  • Stimulated trauma recovery
  • Reduced hormonal symptoms
  • Increased immune function