Earthing for Quicker Recovery and More Strength

Earthing for Quicker Recovery and More Strength

Earthing in its most basic term refers simply to connecting an electrical system directly to the Earth.  The human body is an electrical system and conductor.  The Earth is a pool of free electrons.  When a conductor such as the human body is directly connected to the Earth, electrons from the Earth flow into that conductor.

How Does Earthing Work?

Humans evolved in constant contact with the Earth, going barefoot or wearing footwear made from conductive natural material and sleeping directly on the ground.  Modern footwear, non-conductive floors and general lifestyles insulate us from direct physical connection to the extensive supply of electrons on the Earth’s surface. It can be easily demonstrated by looking at people who are not grounded who therefore carry a significant voltage, which is eliminated when a person is connected directly to the ground, as we do with electrical appliances. Scientific research indicates that our disconnection from the ground may reduce our strength and ability to recover from intense exercise and contribute to poor health. 

Studies that have provided evidence that Earthing – establishing a direct connection with the Earth – reduces pain, stress, cortisol levels, inflammation, blood coagulability, and urinary losses of vital minerals, and improves sleep, recovery from exercise and functions of the autonomic nervous system, heart, thyroid, and immune system.

Taken from the book “Earthing”, written by Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra M.D., and Martin Zucker
Earthing to Improve Recovery from Exercise

Earthing Improves Sleep

Some of these studies report that people who sleep connected to the ground by using conductive bed sheets or earthing mats fall asleep more quickly, wake fewer times during the night, and feel more refreshed in the morning due to their cortisol levels normalising.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone.  Excess levels of cortisol will reduce your strength and muscle mass.  Keeping yourself grounded at night and as often as possible during the day will probably improve your strength.

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Earthing Reduces DOMS and Inflammation

A pilot study of the effects of grounding on delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) found that people who are grounded have less DOMS, inflammation and pain following high-intensity exercise.

This means that when you are grounded, you recover from intense exercise more quickly and are less prone to the development of tendonitis, which is a common problem for people who push their limits in physical training.

In 2010, exercise physiologist Richard Brown of the University of Oregon’s Human Physiology Department conducted a study demonstrating how Earthing significantly reduces the degree and duration of soreness and inflammation after intense exercise with barbells that created muscle damage. Such damage and discomfort is common in the sports and fitness world. There is no known remedy for lessening and shortening DOMS. Earthing may be the first!

In 2015, Dr. Brown published a second study measuring the effect of grounding on DOMS. This time, he took a group of 32 healthy young men who were either grounded or sham-grounded for several hours on two consecutive days following exercise sessions of 200 half-knee bends. There was a significant increase of creatine kinase (CK), an important enzyme associated with muscle damage, among the non-grounded men but not the grounded men. The study suggests that grounding after physical exercise and performance may speed recovery as a result of less muscle damage.

Earthing for Quicker Recovery

Get Grounded was launched by Michael after he experienced this improved recovery first-hand and wanted to share this with as many people as possible so that they too could benefit from Earthing.

When he decided it was time to try and improve his health and fitness, Michael went from taking several days to recover from one gym session, which kept his progress extremely slow, to being able to complete several sessions a day as well as taking part in classes and completing park runs at the weekend.

Last year he completed his first marathon in Rome and in just a few days will be taking part in a charity white-collar boxing match for the Scoliosis Society, something he didn’t think possible only a few years ago.