Earthing Products – Case Study & Review

Earthing Products – Case Study & Review

Earthing products and earthing, in general, has been heavily researched over the last decade. Scientists and researchers all claim that Earthing has many, wonderous health benefits including a better night’s sleep, feeling more energised, having less pain and inflammation and decreased stress levels. One lesser talked about benefit is the relief of Asthma symptoms which is one surprising benefit our case study discovered.

Earthing Products Case Study

We gave one of our Earthing sheets to a couple in their 30’s. Male, A and female B. Male A suffers allergy-induced Asthma and requires an inhaler every morning and several times per day depending on the time of year and environment e.g. animals present. He works in a physical and highly stressed environment (with animals!) and walks around 20,000 steps or more every day. He suffers from painful knee and hip joints most days due to the demands of work. Male A also rarely feels rested in the morning, no matter how many hours of sleep he has. He is otherwise fit and well.

Earthing Product Initial results – night 1

Male A was appropriately sceptical about Earthing products. The notion was new to him, having done no prior research however he was open to the idea that the science behind earthing actually made perfect sense.

Male A awoke as usual and noted his chest was not tight, as it would be other mornings, and he didn’t require his inhaler immediately. He did however need it within around an hour and again later that day. He noted a possible slight change in pain levels however he was mostly office-based that day so couldn’t say for sure if this was due to the Earthing sheet.

Using Earthing Sheets Night 2

Male A awoke feeling much more refreshed he noted. Again he didn’t need to use his inhaler as soon as he woke up and didn’t use it until around 2 hours later. He did use it again that evening but noted a definite improvement in his breathing. He also noted that although he had walked 24,000 steps his pain levels had reduced.

Earthing Benefits After Nights 3 and 4

Male A (although he wouldn’t admit it) snores most evenings. Female B noted that she had not been disturbed by snoring for several nights. Male A reported that his breathing was much easier than it had been before using the Earthing sheet. Often previously he would have severe symptoms including coughing fits first thing in the morning and that these were eradicated. He also reported that he felt much more energised throughout the day and better rested in general.

Earthing Products Ongoing Case Study.

Male A continues to feel in better health generally and will update after 1 month. He says his “scepticism was unfounded and although I was open to the benefits of Earthing I didn’t think they would be felt as quickly or dramatically, especially with my Asthma symptoms. It makes work less tiring and as I feel more awake during the day I can be more productive.”

Female B’s Earthing product case study coming soon, keep an eye out here or for external case studies check out Earthing Institute