Grounding Products Company UK

Grounding Products Company UK

Our founder, Michael had an interesting interview with Design The Life You Desire recently and we thought our lovely readers would enjoy seeing it too. It explains exactly why Michael is passionate about Grounding and the vast benefits we can all receive from it.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your story, please.

Hi, I’m Michael, Founder of Get Grounded.  Around 5 years ago I was unhealthy and not living my best life….I had no energy, no good habits, I was going through a divorce and my mindset was low. I had no get-up and go.

I knew I didn’t want my life to be like this and that’s where my journey began, to discover how I could live a better life.

How did ‘Get Grounded’ come about?

Around three years ago I was at a well-being event and during a conversation, the topic of ‘earthing’ came up. Now I was on a mission to transform my life and I knew what grounding was, but I had not heard of earthing products, so I listened intently and was hooked!

As I researched earthing and discovered earthing products, my quality of sleep, fitness and wellbeing skyrocketed. I went from unhealthy to the best shape of my life.

Covid came along and my business closed, so I needed to start a new one.  I knew my purpose was to show others the benefits of earthing and so Get Grounded was born.

Everything happens for a reason and that’s when I decided to create Get Grounded and provide earthing products at an affordable price for everyone.

My passion to show as many people as possible how to connect to nature, and to earth is reflected in the Get Grounded mission:

To help people reconnect to the earth and to know that when our mindset and energy changes, every area of life does too.”  Get Grounded does this through sharing knowledge, experience and providing incredible earthing products.

Why is it important to be grounded?

There are so many ways to take care of ourselves such as meditation, nutrition etc. and grounding is at the core of wellbeing.  It is so important to be grounded for increased energy levels, quality sleep and mindset.

Being grounded is so important in this day and age where technology is taking over and everyone seems so disconnected from earth and nature.

What is the most practical way that people can introduce this concept of grounding into their day-to-day life?

Walking barefoot on grass, or on sand or earth…you connect to the earth’s electrical current and ‘get grounded’!  Our earthing products present the same effect and the feedback we receive from customers is incredible….we have testimonials of increased energy, health issues lessening or disappearing altogether and great quality sleep, which is so important.  We even had a testimonial of a dog following the earthing sheet where their owner moved it too!

People can easily just go for a walk barefoot just for a couple of minutes a day.

How does earthing affect the body’s ability to heal?

Earthing reduces inflammation and stress in the body, connects you to the earth’s natural healing energy, and improves blood flow and the quality of sleep.

Our passion at Get Grounded is to continue sharing that grounding is a major factor in our health and we love that more and more people are discovering this too.

How many minutes or hours per day of earthing should one receive?

Any amount of time you can spend earthing is going to have a great effect on your energy.  You can earth without thinking about it too – from using an earthing sheet at night, to an earthing mat while at a desk, to being out in nature barefoot.

How long does it take to experience its effects?

Feeling the effect of earthing can be straight away, remember when you were a child and ran barefoot when you take your shoes off at the beach…… what a beautiful feeling.

What’s the number one way to benefit from Earthing?

Simple…the healing effect on your mind and body.

Grounding & Earthing Products
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Can you have inflammation in a grounded body?

As Clint Ober said…“You cannot have inflammation in a grounded body”.  He goes on to say that “animals in the wild don’t have inflammation”

So what are they doing that we aren’t?  They are out in nature.

It’s crazy when you think about it, yet so obvious!

What are the best surfaces to ground ourselves?

The grass, the beach, any natural ground.

Is grounding safe for everyone ‘kids, pregnancy etc’?

YES!  The benefits are outstanding.