Why Earthing Products make Great Christmas Gifts

 Why Earthing Products make Great Christmas Gifts

Fed up with getting the usual boring socks and gloves from Santa?  Well, give him a creative nudge this year and ask for some life changing Earthing (Grounding) products.  Be the envy of all your family and friends because they will improve your overall well-being.

Some believe Earthing to be one of the most significant health discoveries ever.  Clint Ober, is certainly a believer as he describes Earthing, “as the most critical health discovery.” 

The theory behind Earthing is that we as human beings are positively charged.  Too many positive ions in the body can lead to inflammation and other health conditions.  The Earth is negatively charged, however, and so when we start the Earthing process this remedies a damaging electrical instability.

Earthing disperses negatively charged electrons throughout the body.  They neutralise damaging free radicals which can have antioxidant effects.  This as a result improves well-being such as better sleep, less stress, and reduced inflammation and pain.

It is not a complicated process to achieve either.  You can simply connect to the Earth by walking barefoot on the ground outside. Granted this is not feasible in the inclement British wintertime, so we sell Earthing products that you can do in the luxury of your own home.

Whether it is our high-quality Earthing Sheets or our specially designed Multipurpose Earthing Mats, you can the receive benefits of Earthing all year round.  They are not based on hearsay, but rather on well-researched studies.

Earthing for Better Sleep

Do you wake up multiple times in the night?  There is nothing worse than waking up still fatigued from the day before.  Earthing can help your sleep-wake cycle.

Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for waking us up in the morning.  It also plays a key role in keeping us alert throughout the day.  However, when we are overly stressed this can lead to our cortisol levels being high at night.  This can account for us struggling to get to sleep as well as waking up countless times.

Earthing is significant because it can help regulate and lower our cortisol levels. This consequently results in a more restful and deeper sleep.  A study back in 2004, supports such claims. 

Twelve subjects over an eight week period slept on indoor Earthing bedding. After six weeks, their cortisol measurements were compared to those at the start of the study.  Not only did most of the participants have normalised cortisol levels again, but reports of reduced pain and improvements in their quality of sleep were recorded too.  

Why not go the whole hog this Christmas time and ask for one of our super king size Fitted Earthing sheets.  Made with the finest materials which also include highly conductive silver.  You will sleep as you have never done so before.

Can Grounding Help Stress and Anxiety

Millions of people suffer with stress and anxiety daily.  Earthing can help by lowering the body from “fight or flight” mode to one of calmness.  It does this by reducing the pressure on the nervous system, which sees a shift from a sympathetic state towards a parasympathetic state. 

In 2015, there was a study done that looked at the impact of Earthing on mood.  It involved forty participants for one hour and some were either Earthed or “sham” Earthed (a placebo as such). Those who were Earthed, reported a greater degree of happiness afterwards.

It is notable that in this study they used conductive pillows.  Our highly conductive luxurious pillowcases are made from 100% ethically sourced fine quality cotton.  Worth a try do you not think?

Earthing Helps Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation and pain are closely linked.  Indeed, it is claimed inflammation causes pain.  The good news though is that reducing inflammation is right at the centre of Earthing.

A Dr. William Amalu, conducted a series of twenty case studies which used medical thermography to observe the effects of Earthing on inflammation and pain.  In all subjects who had prior reported neck pain, arthritis, and back pain, a reduction in inflammation was found due to Earthing.

Dr Amalu concluded, “Grounding is showing incredible promise as one of the most significant advances in the treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.” 

These findings are potentially massive when you consider a lot of diseases have inflammation at the root of them.  It has been stated that as soon as a person begins Earthing, then an anti-inflammatory effect commences.  

Relief from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS is that all-over body soreness you get after doing some vigorous or unfamiliar exercise.   It is a good ache people say though, but with Earthing, DOMS can be greatly reduced.

Countless studies have been done that back up such a claim.  For example, a study in 2010 found that Earthing affected blood chemistry and had an impact on reducing certain white blood cells. This resulted in acute inflammation being reduced. 

Make 2023 the year to get fit.  However, this time sleep on one of our quality Earthing Sheets to aid in your post-exercise recovery.  Reduced soreness means you can train more and so feel glorious with the benefits.

Reduced Blood Pressure Treatments

With people living longer these days together with the stresses of modern daily life, hypertension is a common factor for many today.  This is another condition Earthing can help with.  It does this by altering the electrical “charge” of your blood, thus improving its flow.

As Earthing helps lower stress levels too, this therefore can have a knock-on effect in lowering your blood pressure.  

Once again, such claims have been supported by research and studies done.

What are the other Benefits of Earthing?

The potential other uses for Earthing are quite simply endless.  Did you know it can also help you recover from jet lag quicker, increase your energy levels, and improve headaches and migraines? All these benefits by just simply reconnecting with the pureness of the Earth.  

The positive message is now loud and clear regarding Earthing.  Get writing, ringing, or even Tweeting Santa.  After all, who knows, it might even help Rudolph.