Earthing Products Your Questions Answered

Earthing Products Your Questions Answered

Earthing Products, you’re questions answered. You’ll no doubt be aware that exploring the great outdoors offers a wealth of health benefits, from increasing serotonin and vitamin D levels to decreasing stress and anxiety.

There are some who even believe that getting back to nature — specifically while barefoot ­— can help neutralise the electric charge that runs through our bodies. The theory is that when our skin touches the earth, the earth’s charge can help reduce a number of conditions.

This technique is known as “Earthing.” While it’s not always possible to sink your toes into the sand or take a walk outdoors, barefooted, Earthing products such as sheets and mats are a great alternative.

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How Do Earthing Products Work?

Grounding or Earthing products create an electrical connection between your body and the Earth. The idea is to replicate the physical connectivity one would make by walking barefoot on the ground. This connection allows electrons to flow from the earth and into your body to create a neutral electrical charge.

Since we spend the majority of our time either indoors or wearing rubber-soled shoes when we are outdoors, we barely spend time having physical contact with the Earth. These products allow for this connection when indoors and recreate that equilibrium of electron charge.

These products usually connect via a wire to the ground port of an electrical outlet. The mats may be placed on the floor, on a desk, or on a bed and the sheets are placed on your bed, so then you can put your bare feet, hands, or body on the mat and conduct the Earth’s energy.

Earthing Products Your Questions Answered

How Do I Know If My Earthing Products Are Working?

To get a sense of any change or progress in healing, look for subtle changes. Sitting quietly meditating can be a good time to observe subtle changes in your health, well-being, recovery times, and thinking.

Journal your experience to look back on things that are changing. If you are healing through pain, for instance, write down your pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10 each day as well as your experience.

It’s a good idea to start by journaling daily before you being using your Earthing products. Take a note of things such as:

  • your mood
  • the weather
  • any pain
  • sleeping issues
  • the amount of exercise you’ve taken

Then begin your grounding routine and continue to journal your daily experiences. After a few weeks, read through your journals to see what impact Grounding is having on your daily life.

Does Earthing Work Instantly?

Don’t expect dramatic changes instantly. These types of therapies often work at a very subtle level and can take a while before they’re noticed. Some people do report benefits in the first 24 hours. Others report noticeable changes after a few weeks.

Everyone is different, and keep in mind that grounding does not cure disease. It restores your natural electrical balance, which can be a benefit in reducing stress and inflammation.

As you can see in the video, as soon as you’re in contact with our Earthing Sheet, your voltage in reduced.

What Are The Benefits Of Earthing Products?

As well as Earthing Sheets which require you to sleep or rest on them there are also Earthing Mats as well as other Earthing products. Our Earthing Mats can be used under your hands, wrists or feet as you relax or work at your desk.

Earthing mats are ideal if you work with technology at a desk for example as using a mat while working can fight the effects of technology and the electromagnetic fields associated with this. Some of the main benefits of Earthing include:

  • Reduces/eliminates chronic inflammation.
  • Reduces/eliminates pain.
  • Improves your sleep. One doctor who has been recommending Earthing to his patients for 10 years said this: “The first feedback I usually hear from a patient who just started Earthing is, ‘best sleep I’ve had in years.’”
  • Improves blood flow to nourish your entire body with vital oxygen and nutrition.
  • Improves your vitality. You look and feel better.
  • Decreases stress in the body.  
  • Reduces hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches.
  • Accelerates healing from trauma, injuries, and sports/exercise activity.
  • Protects the body against possibly health-disturbing electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

Ready To Start Earthing For a Better You? Take a look at our range of Earthing products.